Free Online Poker Pro Players Show You How To Slow Play A Slow Player! – Free Online Poker Pro Players Show You How To Slow Play A Slow Player! In this free online poker lesson, we will see a situation where you can end up during a game of Hell’s Head, in which you and your opponent believe you have the best hand and, therefore, try to hesitate to play between them . This can be called Trap vs. Trap.

To illustrate this lesson, we will look at the situation with an example. In this case, the final table of the World Series of Poker.


BELTS 100k / 200k, suede 30k – PREFLOP:

A has Ks-10s, it rises to 400k
B has As-Ad, calls 200k.

Lift A is standard for K-10, which is not as weak in a short game as it is in a full table. B may have gone back up A, but A may fold. B can only be concerned if the flop was doubled, such as J-J-7, but B thinks that betting on the continuation of the test will determine if A has a hand after the flop.

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Repeated preflop game, in which the test bet has the same effect as A, if A has nothing, but the challenge not only hides the strength of A’s hands, but also makes it dangerous for B to bet if the king arrives or Ten.

FLOP: Kc-5c-3h

Checks b
Rates 525k
B rises to 1.45 m

Calls 875k (Pot now 3.76 m) Now A suddenly had the top pair, which I would have thought was the best hand!

B checks, once again, to hide the power of the hand.
Rates to create a bank, and then B goes up.

A can interpret the B increase as a deception, because he might think that B is drawing (pay attention to 2 Clubs) or that B can have a smaller pair, say A-5 or A-3. I only call, because now he is trying to catch.

Both think that their traps are successful!

In poker, the higher the hand, the more chips there are in the front. Both have managed to maintain the balance created by the bank and the power to mask hands, but only one hand can win. And he can only win with the River King or the Ten.

RIVER: Kc-5c-3h-6s-10c (!)

Win But if A continued to fish across the river with this map of the river, it is the same. Both still have big hands, both are ready for a trap, and both are willing to put chips as soon as possible.

The slow game trap versus the slow game trap – Conclusion

Take the time to read and understand the principles of this article. Try to fully understand the basic facts behind what happens with this example, and think about how to use these lessons in your individual game. While Poker terpercaya is not a difficult game to learn, it is a very difficult game to earn money regularly if you play seriously.